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You may have heard about a new cyber threat dubbed "Heartbleed" which affects websites using certain versions of OpenSSL, an encryption technology. If exploited, the OpenSSL vulnerability can be used to steal usernames and passwords from affected sites, as well as the private keys that sites use to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data.

Southside Bank proactively assessed its online banking systems for this vulnerability the day Heartbleed was identified. No such vulnerability has been identified on our online banking system. We are committed to maintaining the highest possible security standards at all times. However, if you use common passwords for multiple sites, we advise you to change your password in the event it is compromised on a different site. If you have any questions about these standards or the Heartbleed threat described above, please contact Southside Bank directly at or +1 (877) 639-3511.

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Mortgage Loans (New, Construction, Refinancing, Home Equity)

Contact us in Tyler, Longview, Athens, Bullard, Chandler, Gun Barrel City, Gresham, Hawkins, Jacksonville, Lindale, Palestine, Whitehouse, Seven Points, Forney, Fort Worth, Arlington and Austin.

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