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EZ Pay Card (The Payroll Card)

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Q. Is the EZPayCard a credit card?
A. No, your EZPayCard is a stored value debit card. Your wages are directly deposited onto the card by your employer on payday.

Q. Will I receive a new EZPayCard each payday?
A. No, your wages will automatically be loaded onto your existing EZPayCard each payday.

Q. Can I get an additional EZPayCard?
A. Yes, you can get an additional card for use by a spouse or other member of the family. Your employer or bank personnel can arrange this for you.

Q. Can the EZPayCard be used at an ATM to withdraw money?
A. Yes, your EZPayCard can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs in more than 100 countries, anywhere you see the PULSE, Cirrus or any of the other logos printed on the back of your card.

Q. Can the EZPayCard be used to make purchases?
A. Yes, your EZPayCard can be used to buy groceries or clothes, it can be used at the pharmacy, the gas station and many other locations. In fact, you can make purchases at millions of merchant terminals worldwide, anywhere that accepts debit MasterCard or PULSE debit cards.

Q. Can the EZPayCard be used at more than one merchant?
A. Yes, the EZPayCard may be used at any number of merchants as long as there are sufficient funds remaining on the card and the merchant accepts debit MasterCard.

Q. Can a purchase be made for an amount greater than the amount left on the card?
A. Yes, however, you must tell the cashier the amount you want to pay on your EZPayCard and then pay the remainder through other means.

Q. Can the EZPayCard be used to get cash back when making a purchase?
A. Typically, you can get the cash back when you use your EZPayCard and enter your PIN to make a purchase.

Q. What should I do if my EZPayCard is lost or stolen?
A. If your EZPayCard is lost or stolen, it should be reported to Southside Bank at once by calling 1-888-621-1397. You will be sent another card with the full remaining balance and a new PIN.

Q. Does my EZPayCard have an expiration date?
A. Your EZPayCard will have an expiration date assigned to the card, however, active cards will automatically be reissued prior to expiration.