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Is the FLEXCard a credit card?
No, your FLEXCard is a stored value debit card. Your spending is limited to the amount of money transferred to your card.

What are the differences between what the purchaser (owner) can do and what the recipient (user) can do?
In many cases the purchaser and the user may not be the same (i.e. parent/student, employer/employee). The purchaser completes and signs an application to order a FLEXCard for specified individual(s). Purchaser can add money to the card from their credit card, debit card, bank account, or cash. The purchaser can monitor card balance and activity online or by phone. Only the purchaser can order a new card or reactivate an account. The recipient cannot add money to the account. The recipient's name is embossed on the card, and the recipient has the right to use the card at MasterCard debit locations and ATMs.

Can I get additional FLEXCards?
Yes, you may request a card for use by individuals you specify. An application will need to be completed for each separate individual.

Can the FLEXCard be used at an ATM to withdraw money?
Yes, your FLEXCard can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs in more than 100 countries, anywhere you see Pulse, Pulse Pay, or Cirrus logos.

Can the FLEXCard be used to make purchases?
Yes, your FLEXCard can be used to buy gas, tutition, groceries and many other items. In fact, you can make purchases at millions of merchant terminals worldwide, anywhere that accepts MasterCard Debit.

Can the FLEXCard be used to get cash back when making a purchase?
Typically, you can get cash back when you use your FLEXCard and enter your pin to make a purchase. Not all merchants offer this option.

Why is the word "Debit" on the front of my card?
In response to new Visa and MasterCard regulations, Issuers are required to label non-credit products with the term "Debit" after January 1, 2004. Although your card may have the word debit on it, it typically can be used as a debit or credit at merchant locations.

Can I deposit money onto my card at an ATM?
No. You cannot deposit money onto your card at an ATM.

What should I do if my FLEXCard is lost or stolen?
If your FLEXCard is lost or stolen, it should be reported to Southside Bank at once by calling 1-903-531-7200 or 1-800-285-5127. You will be sent another card with the full remaining balance and a new PIN.

Does my FLEXCard have an expiration date?
Your FLEXCard will have an expiration date assigned to the card, however, active cards will automatically be reissued prior to expiration.

Are there any fees associated with my FLEXCard?
Yes, a complete list of fees can be found on Attachment A of the FLEXCard agreement.