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Southside Bank is committed to informing customers of local scams and Internet fraud. Below is information about the latest schemes and ways to avoid becoming a victim.

If you can say "YES" to any of the following you could be a victim of a scam!

  • Is the check you received for an item sold on the Internet ?
  • Was the check payable for more than the item sold?
  • Did the check arrive by express mail?
  • Is the check drawn on an account with a different name than the person who purchased your item?
  • Did you receive something saying you're the winner of a lottery that you did not enter?
  • Did the check come with instructions to wire the funds to a foreign country or large U.S. city?
  • Are you receiving a percentage of the check for cashing it?
  • Have you been asked to confirm or provide account information?

Ask your Customer Service Representative about
Southside Select Identity Theft Insurance

For more information on fraud prevention you can visit these websites:
Federal Trade Commission
Internet Crime Complaint Center