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Ready Reserve


It never fails. A few days before payday you'll find the perfect gift, or the perfect date or the perfect opportunity but not the money.

That's why Southside Bank developed "Ready Reserve." It gives you a pre-approved line of credit that's "on reserve" for when you need it. So if you go $5 over, or even $500, you won't be overdrawn. In fact, "Ready Reserve" is more than just overdraft protection, it's up to a $10,000 line of credit you can use for everything from home improvements to weekend holidays.

And "Ready Reserve" is easy to get and there is no annual fee. You have a ready money reserve for when you want to buy that perfect gift, or even take the perfect vacation, and just make low monthly payments. You don't owe anything until you advance the loan. Then you only owe on the actual amount advanced (plus any interest that accrues).

Stop by any Southside Bank today and ask about "Ready Reserve." It makes getting a loan as easy as writing yourself a check.


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