A Message From Our CEO

Southside Bank is a well-established community bank with over 63 years of proven conservative credit underwriting standards. Our loans and deposits are diversified both by region and by industry, primarily within the five Texas market areas we serve (East Texas, Southeast Texas, Central Texas, North Texas, and to a lesser extent, Houston, Texas). Approximately 75% of our deposits are covered by FDIC insurance and/or collateralized by the fair value of highly rated securities. Our balance sheet is strong, and our capital levels exceed the Well Capitalized Ratios as determined by our federal regulators.

You can view our most recent Call Report as filed with the FDIC here, our 2022 Earnings Release here, and our Form 10-K as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission here.

Thank you,
Lee Gibson
President & CEO
Did you know your deposits could be insured by the FDIC for more than $250,000? Visit https://edie.fdic.gov/calculator or ask a branch team member to learn more. 

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