Memorial Day - Monday, May 28th: All Traditional Branches and Motor Banks Closed. All Grocery Store locations will be open 9am - 4pm. Customer Care Center open 9am-4pm at 877.639.3511 or 888.608.7787 (Lufkin area).

Welcome to Southside Bank

Account conversion is complete! 

You can now login to your accounts and services.  Bookmark or save the Southside home page to Favorites for quick access.

Online Banking – Former FBTET online banking users have been transitioned to Southside’s Online Banking platform and you may use the login fields located above for access. Upon initial login, you will be required to:

1.  Receive a temporary access code (TAC)
2. Establish a new password if your current password is less than eight (8) characters
3. Accept the Terms and Conditions for Southside Online Banking

    Remember you must download the Southside mobile app from your app store to access online banking from your smart phone.  The FBTET app may be deleted.

Summer 2018 - New debit cards with rewards and enhanced security features will be issued.

Phone Banking Instructions
Beginning April 30, 2018, you can enroll in Southside’s telephone banking system. To enroll:

1. Call 888.567.3043
2. Enter your account number and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
3. Follow the voice instructions.

Questions About Conversion?

Call us at 888.608.7787 or 877.639.3511 

What Did Not Change

Branch Locations:
Branches remain the same PLUS enjoy an additional 43 locations in North, Central and East Texas.
Continue on your online banking system.
Phone Numbers:
Debit Cards:
You can reach your banker and Customer Care representative at the same phone numbers you've always used.
Remain active.
Online Banking:
Direct Deposits:
Your user name and password remain the same. You may need to change your password if your current password is less than eight (8) characters.
Auto Payments:

 What did Change

Bill Payments:
Your online bill pay processing date changed.  See page 6 of the Conversion Guide for details.
Online Banking:
Routing Number:
You will now need to sign into your online banking from and follow the login fields. Upon initial login, you will receive a temporary access code (TAC), establish a new password if prompted, and accept the Terms and Conditions for Southside Online Banking.
The new routing number is 111923607.  The FBTET routing number will still be honored.
Mobile Banking:
Account Name and Features:
You will need to download the Southside Bank mobile app.  See page 6 of the Conversion Guide for details.
Some account details and features may have changed.  See page 10-11 of the Conversion Guide for personal accounts.  See page 15 of the Conversion Guide for business accounts.
Phone Banking:
You may enroll in Southside's telephone banking system; instructions are listed above.