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Southside Bank

Rebrand FAQ

Southside has a brand new look! Our new logo and colors officially debuted July 31. We are still the same friendly bank, but now with a fresh, modern look we believe you will love. You will start seeing this new look on the web, on the bank materials you receive and gradually throughout our branches.

Why is Southside rebranding?
Companies typically rebrand every 10-15 years to stay current and modern. It’s been a long time since we updated our look, and it’s very important to us that we continually evolve and put our best foot forward in the communities we serve.

Has Southside been acquired by another bank? 
No, we have not been acquired by another bank. The rebranding effort is simply being done to modernize and update Southside Bank. The same friendly service and personal touches Southside is known for will remain unchanged.

How will this rebrand impact me and my account(s)?
There are no changes that will affect your accounts or your interactions with us; as always, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service with a hometown touch. 

Will I receive a new debit card or new checks displaying the rebranded logo?
We want this transition to be as seamless as possible for our customers, so you should continue to use your current debit cards and checks. When it comes time to reorder or when your debit card reaches its expiration date, you will receive a new debit card and checks that reflect our new look.

Will the cost of my account increase because of this rebrand?
We will be restructuring some of our accounts next month. This restructuring will involve some cost increases, some cost decreases and some costs becoming obsolete. While the cost of your account may or may not change, it is not due to any costs associated with the rebrand.

When will all Southside branches be remodeled?
We are excited to remodel all of our locations. To do this in a timely manner, we will remodel 5-6 locations at a time. We anticipate that all branches will be completed within several years. 

What branches are being remodeled first?
The following locations in East Texas now feature Southside’s newly remodeled look:

All locations throughout Texas will have new printed pieces that show our new style, and our website has also been revamped.

Why does Southside have a new logo?
Our new logo was the result of extensive research, testing and feedback—from both customers and employees—all designed to strengthen the Southside experience. Through our new branding, we want to illustrate that we are an evolving bank that still values service with a hometown touch.

Why is Southside replacing green with blue?
Our mission was to create an updated brand for Southside that still celebrates who we have always been. One of the strongest ways to do that visually is through color. We know that our forest green has been associated with Southside for a long time, but we believe that our modern, new color palette will be just as well loved!

Is Southside now active on social media?
Yes, Southside is now actively posting on Facebook and LinkedIn. We will soon be active on Twitter and YouTube as well. You can find us on: 


Is Southside’s mobile app also changing with the rebrand? 
Yes, a new app icon coinciding with the rebrand debuted July 31. To start using the latest version of the Southside Mobile App look for an update in your favorite app store.

Will the app work differently? Will my login information change?
There will be no difference in functionality, and your login information will remain the same.


What is a Southside Live ITM and when will it be available at Southside Bank?
“ITM” is short for “Interactive Teller Machine,” which is a video-based interactive technology allowing customers to conduct transactions and banking services in a real-time video/audio interaction. Southside Live is our brand of ITMs. When using Southside Live, you are speaking with a LIVE person—just like Skype or Facetime.

What locations have Southside Live?
The following locations in East Texas have an ITM available for use from 8am-7pm on Monday-Friday and 8am-5pm on Saturday. 

Additional locations will come online in the coming months. 

What types of transactions can I do via Southside Live?
The following transactions can be completed at Southside Live ITMs:

Deposits can be made as late as 11:30pm to be credited on today’s business day. The ATM side of the machine will accept deposits until 11:30pm; the interactive side will be operational 8am–7pm on Monday–Friday and 8am–5pm on Saturday.

Are these machines replacing people?
No, Southside Live offers our customers the opportunity to bank with a live Customer Care Agent through innovative technology. We have created a new department and promoted experienced employees from within the bank to provide this convenient service to customers.