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In observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, January 20, 2020, all traditional branches will be closed. Grocery store locations and the Customer Care center will be open 9am-4pm.
Southside Bank

Merchant Services

Increased revenue, expanded payment options for your customers and funds that are electronically deposited into your checking account – sounds like every business owner’s dream! Simply by adding the ability to process credit and debit card transactions, your business can begin to participate in these benefits immediately.

Already Accepting Credit Cards With Another Processor? Switch & Save!

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Really – What have you got to lose?

Southside Bank provides state-of-the-art equipment, software and processing options but we are truly set apart from other processors in our unparalleled service.

Processing Methods:

Electronic – Most common type of processing method – swipe the card, get authorization, get a signature and you’re done!
PC Software – A great alternative to electronic processing!
Real Time Payment Processing Via the Internet – Ideal for web-based businesses.
Smart Phone Processing – Great for merchants on the go!

Please contact us to inquire about these services.

Contact information for current Southside Bank Merchants:

East Texas: 903.630.7996
North Texas:  817.367.5079 
Fitech Payments 
Voice Authorizations : 1.844.309.7601
24 Hour Customer Support: 844.822.1281