Check Imaging

What is an imaged check? 
Imaged checks replace stacks of canceled checks with a clear, sharp image of all of the checks that you write, in numerical order, on pages that you can file in a binder for easy access. You will immediately benefit from simplified statement balancing & record retention - since the images are printed in numerical order, by check number; it is easy to locate any check. The check number, amount paid, and date processed are printed under every image.

What if I need to prove I paid for something? 
If you need an image of an individual check for proof of payment, it can be furnished immediately, by mail, direct pick-up, fax or Online Banking.

Is there anything I can do to ensure that the images I receive are as clear as possible? 
Because your image statement is generated on a laser printer, the quality is superior. However, certain types of checks, especially the "scenic" variety, with backgrounds of mountains, landscapes, etc., may not produce as well-defined an image as you would like. We can assist you in selecting check designs to meet your needs.

I am visually impaired. Will I be able to read the images? 
Southside Bank has determined that 12 images will be printed per page. For the benefit of visually impaired customers, we will, upon your request, provide statements with fewer and larger images per page.

Who can answer questions regarding my image statement? 
Should you have any questions regarding your image statement, please call us at 877.639.3511 or email us at [email protected]

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