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MasterCard Securecode FAQs

Q:  What is Mastercard SecureCode?

A:  Mastercard SecureCode is a service to enhance your existing Mastercard debit card.  It offers additional security by verifying additional transaction details and requiring a One Time Passcode if needed.  You get protection against unauthorized use of your card when you shop at participating online retailers.

 Q:  How does Mastercard SecureCode work?

A:  If a merchant decides to process your online transaction using SecureCode, additional transaction details will be sent to Southside to approve the transaction.  If the details match our system, and funds are available, the transaction will approve and complete.  If the details do not match, you may be prompted to answer additional knowledge based questions or provide a One Time Passcode that will be sent to the mobile number we have on file.

 Q:  How does Mastercard SecureCode protect me?

A:  When all transaction details authenticate, or you use a One Time Passcode when making a purchase at a participating online merchant, you confirm that you are the authorized cardholder and your purchase will be completed.  If the transaction details do not match and you are unable to complete the authentication using a One Time Passcode, then the transaction will not go through.

 Q:  Will I have to get a new card to use SecureCode?

A:  No, a new card is not necessary.  Your current card is automatically enrolled in this service. 

 Q:  How do I know whether a merchant participates in SecureCode?

A:  Most participating merchants will display the Mastercard SecureCode logo on their site.  However, even if you don’t see the SecureCode logo, the merchant may still be a participant and may receive a One Time Passcode or be prompted to answer additional knowledge based questions to complete the transaction.

 Q:  Will I be able to make purchases at merchants that accept Mastercard, but do not participate in SecureCode?

A:  Yes.  If you make a purchase at a merchant that does not participate in SecureCode, you will not be sent a One Time Passcode or be required to enter additional knowledge based questions to complete the transaction.  You will continue to be protected for unauthorized purchases by Zero Liability from Mastercard.

 Q:  Who do I contact for assistance with Mastercard SecureCode?

A:  Please contact Southside Bank toll free at 877.639.3511 if you encounter any issues using SecureCode. 

 Q:  How do I update my mobile number on file?

A:  Please update your mobile number through your online banking by selecting Services / Address Change / enter your mobile number for Home Phone or Cell Phone.  You may also update your mobile number by visiting a location that is most convenient for you.