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E-Statement FAQ

What is an e-Statement?

An e-statement looks just like the statement you are currently receiving in the mail, however it is delivered to you electronically via our online banking program. Click Here To View A Sample e-Statement!

Why should I switch to e-Statements?

Security is the main reason. Receiving your statement online provides increased protection against identity theft.
Speed is another good reason. No more waiting on the mail to arrive. Space-Saving - since you no longer have to store a paper statement—simply save it in a designated area on your computer or on a disk.
Simplicity – no more mid month statement cutoffs. E-statements cycle on a full calendar month.

What software is required?

Your e-statement is easily accessed and read using Adobe Reader 5.0 or above. If you do not already have Adobe Reader, you can download it from here or from the Enroll Now page of our online banking website.

How do I access my e-statement?

Your e-statement will be available within the first few days of each month. Simply log-in to your online banking program, select the “Accounts” button at the left of the page and then select “Statements.”

How long will I be able to access previous e-statements?

Your e-statements will be available for a period of 24 months.

How do I enroll in e-statements?

Log-in to Online Banking, select “Preferences,” then “Delivery” and register your account(s) by entering submit.

Not currently an Online Banking user? Click Here to Enroll Now!