Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition must be enabled on your Apple iOS 5s or greater in order for feature to work on the Southside Mobile App.

How to enable on your smart device:

1.  Go to Settings
2.  Select "Touch ID & Passcode"
3.  Turn on or off Touch ID for Passcode, iTunes & App Store, or Apple Pay
4.  Enroll up to five fingerprints
5.  Tap a fingerprint to rename it
6.  Swipe to delete a fingerprint
7.  Identify a fingerprint in the list by touching the "Home" button

How to enable Fingerprint recognition in your Southside Mobile App:

1.  Logon to the Southside Mobile App
2.  Click or tap "Settings > Security Preferences"
3.  Click or tap "On/Off" toggle to "On" to enable Touch ID
4.  Click or tap "Continue"
5.  Enter the Login ID and Password for the user currently logged in. Click "Authorized"
6.  Touch the "Home" button with the finger you used to enroll in Touch ID