Debit Card Scams

ATM and Debit Card fraud is becoming increasingly widespread with the hi-tech methods employed by criminals.  Common methods used by criminals to steal your card information are phishing scams or unsolicited emails, breach of a retailer computer system and card skimmers at ATMs or gas pumps.  Criminals may even call pretending to be your financial institution’s fraud department and tell you there is an unauthorized charge on your card.  They will then ask for your card number, PIN number, online banking credentials, social security number or other personal information.  They claim they need this to verify your identity.  If Southside Bank contacts you we will not ask for personal information such as user name, password, account numbers, card numbers and PIN numbers.   

It is very important to ensure your contact information is up-to-date at the bank.  We monitor debit card activity for suspicious transactions, and will attempt to contact you via text or phone. Southside Bank also provides a free mobile app for our customers to control their debit card and monitor transactions.  For more information on MobiMoney, our free mobile app, click here.

It is essential to stay vigilant and report unusual activity immediately.  If you feel you are a victim of one of these scams and provided your card or personal information, or notice any transactions on your account that you did not authorize, please contact Southside Bank immediately at 877.639.3511.

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