Elder Abuse

In order to protect our loved ones and ourselves, it’s important to be on guard for scams geared toward older Americans or signs that it has already happened. According to the World Health Organization, as many as six percent of our elderly are targeted, and much of this goes unreported.

Financial scams can be especially devastating as many of our elderly live on fixed incomes. Here are five key tips to avoid being the victim of a senior scam.

Never pay for anything you have no memory of ordering. You should also avoid giving out personal information to unknown third parties.

Work with financial institutions that have fraud protections in place. This makes it easier to protect your credit card and banking information.

Never let a stranger in your house. Instead, ask them to leave their business card and say your spouse, child or lawyer will be in touch.

Be wary of family or caregivers with alcohol or drug problems. Unfortunately, the desperation caused by addiction could cause even someone you know and love to victimize you.

Additionally, watch for some of the following signs that a scam has already impacted your elderly family members such as: 

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