Records Retention Suggestion

Reduce your chance of becoming an identity theft victim by properly shredding your personal and business documents. Southside Bank is pleased to provide you with the following records retention suggestions for shredding your important documents.

Personal Records Retention Suggestions*

Bank Statements/cancelled checks  6 Years
Birth certificates   Permanent 
Canceled stock and bond certificates   7 Years 
Correspondence – legal and important matters   Permanent 
Credit card statements   6 Years 
Custody agreements   Permanent
Death certificates   Permanent
Divorce papers   Permanent 
Employment tax for household employees   Permanent 
Home and home improvements   7 Years 
Insurance policies (expired)   4 Years
IRA contributions   Permanent
Marriage certificates   Permanent
Retirement and pension records   Permanent
Invoices to customers, from vendors 7 Years
Journal vouchers 7 Years
Miscellaneous internal reports 3 Years
Board Minutes Permanent
Notes receivable 7 Years
Patents, Trademarks Permanent
Payroll records, Time cards 7 Years
Personnel files (terminated) 7 Years
Petty cash vouchers 3 Years
Physical inventory tags 3 Years
Purchase orders 7 Years
Requisitions 1 Year
Sales records 1 Year
Subsidiary GL ledgers 7 Years
Tax returns and worksheets  Permanent


*Consult with your legal, financial, HR department and records manager to confirm your specific needs and requirements.

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