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Our Commitment

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. A client's satisfaction is our definition of success.

Our commitment to our clients is both professional and personal. Our decisions are made locally—we understand the impact they have on our clients.

Objective and Strategic Professional Advice

We are committed to providing our clients with objective financial advice and investment management. We do not sell products or underwrite securities, so we have no self-interest in how we invest our clients' assets. Our advice is motivated by one concern alone—the best interest of our clients.

Our wealth managers and trust officers are skilled and knowledgeable advisors respected for their experience and ability to strategically apply their expertise to each client's individual circumstances.

Integrated and Comprehensive Services

We are committed to making a comprehensive array of financial services available to our clients.

These services are coordinated and tailored to fit each client's individual circumstances and requirements. We do not sell pre-packaged products. We build relationships.

Fair and Fully Disclosed Fees

We are committed to providing our clients with fair and fully disclosed fees. Our fees are based on the assets we manage or the specific service we provide. They do not require an advanced degree to be calculated.

Our fees are not based on the amount of activity in a client's account. We do not profit from buying or selling securities or products in our clients' portfolios. Our interests are aligned with our clients: to grow their assets in a sustainable manner.

Sound and Sustainable Investment Performance

We are committed to providing our clients with consistently sound returns relative to their risk tolerance, income requirements, and time horizon for investing, based on the goals our clients have.


We are committed to our clients feeling secure in their relationship with us. We offer the security of working with a local company with global resources through our affiliates and partners. High accountability, a staff with more than 150 years of combined experience, and our fiducial "prudent person" investment standards, combine to provide our clients with the assurance they desire and deserve.

Simply stated, our commitment to our clients is this: Good Advice. Solid Value. Lasting Results.

We want you to know that investment products provided by Southside Wealth Management & Trust:
Are Not FDIC Insured | May Lose Value | Subject to Risk | Are Not Bank Guaranteed | Are Not Deposits

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