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How to Support More Than a Business

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by Southside Bank

When you support a small business, you support your friends and neighbors. Now more than ever, these businesses need our help to keep going and keep making a difference in our communities. Here’s some simple ways we can all support small businesses:

While you’re in, order out.

Want to meal plan without the cooking? Most local restaurants offer pickup and delivery so you can enjoy your favorite dishes at home. When you can, commit to ordering one or more meals a week. Keep in mind that ordering directly from the restaurant instead of using a delivery app will keep all profits with the restaurant. 

Review a business you love online.

Type away and leave a positive review on Google, Yelp and Facebook. These reviews create credibility and improve businesses’ search result ranking so more people will find them when searching online.

Show your support with a tip.

Many businesses don’t have as much traffic as normal. When you make a purchase with a small business, consider leaving a larger tip to help. It’s a simple but impactful way to show your appreciation.

Encourage the people behind the scenes.

Small business owners and employees are working harder than ever so we can enjoy the same great services. Take some time to thank and encourage them with a phone call, text or hand-written note.

Visit local stores at home.

Running low on time but still want to get the products you love? Shopping online is an easy way to support small businesses right where you are. (By the way…read our tips to shop safe here.)

Make someone’s day with a gift card.

Spread some love to your friends and family by sending them a gift card for a small business. It’s also a great way to thank health care professionals and other incredible essential workers in your community. 


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