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5 Tips for Successful Virtual Interviews

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Virtual interviews are now more common than ever. For job candidates, making a good impression in this format can feel a bit overwhelming. Here are Southside Bank Recruiter Kate Hand's top 5 tips to make your virtual interview a success.

1. Be prepared like it’s an in-person interview. 
Make sure you’re knowledgeable about the company, which could include researching the company’s financial statements, culture and values, community involvement, etc. You should also be familiar with the job description so you can communicate why you would be a good fit for the role and the organization.

Bonus: It’s always good to have questions prepared to ask at the end of the interview!

2. Dress the part and set the stage.
It’s important to create a good first impression even over a video call. Dress business professional like you would for an in-person interview.  Be aware of your backdrop as well – Recruiters and hiring managers would much prefer to see a blank wall as opposed to an unmade bed. Also, make sure you’re in a quiet location with little to no distractions.

3. Check your technology.
If this is your first time to interview via video call, ask a friend or family member to help you practice.  Make sure you’ve downloaded the necessary software/applications, and check that your computer or phone’s camera and sound are working.  Look directly into the camera and make sure your volume is turned up loud enough for the interviewer to hear you speak. 

Pro Tip: Double-check the time zone of the scheduled interview time and plan accordingly.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask to repeat the question.
Recruiters and hiring managers understand that this is new to most, and it’s probably new to them, too.  Don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat the question if you didn’t hear clearly the first time. We expect some level of nervousness, especially since video calls are not the typical way to interview for most.

5. Always follow up.
If you don’t have it already, ask everyone on the call for their contact information and follow up with a “Thank You” email.  In the email, you can also reiterate why you’re a strong fit for the opportunity and for the company.

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